On Friday 25th March, we were fortunate enough to be visited by local artist Susan Tindall. Susan is currently one of 25 artists who have been sponsored to decorate a huge fibre-glass hearts which will be displayed around the district covered by St. Catherine’s Hospice care as part of HeArt Trail UK. Her heart will be displayed in The Capitol Theatre from the 4th July to 15th September. It is sponsored by HDC via crowdfunding as part of Year of Culture. It will then be auctioned in October to raise further funds. Her design called ‘Heartfelt- You touched my heart’ is to be covered with a mosaic of small ceramic hearts and forget-me-not flowers. Our pupils and staff got involved in the project, each making a clay heart and placed their finger print inside. These will then be decorated by Susan.  Parents and children can follow progress of the children’s hearts on ‘Heartfelt’ on her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tailendart)  and Instagram page (tail_end_art).  Also follow St. Catherine’s Hospice Instagram (@hearttrailuk).