As a school we are continuing to take measures to ensure that any spread of COVID-19 is kept to a minimum.  Full details are set out in our risk assessment but key features are: 

  • Hand hygiene and ventilation remain a really important aspect of school life 
  • We have daily enhanced cleaning of all areas 
  • Visitors on site are kept to a minimum and any visitors are asked to wear a mask when inside the building. 
  • Social distancing is encouraged 
  • Anyone with symptoms is asked to remain away from school and take a PCR test 
  • Anyone who begins to display symptoms in school are isolated and leave the school site as soon as possible
  • Staff are encouraged to take LFT twice a week

If you require any clarification please feel free to contact Mrs Anderson or Mrs Saunderson via the school office. 

Covid Recovery Funding is included within the Pupil Premium Strategy.

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