Northolmes Junior School is part of Greenfields Federation with Littlehaven Infant School. There is a shared Governing Body across both schools.

What is a School Governor?

Our governors come mainly from our local community and consist of three staff and two parents from across the federation schools, a governor representing the local authority and eight governors who are co-opted on by the governing body for the skills and experience they bring. No governor can act on their own without the authority from the full governing body and all governors carry equal responsibility for decisions made.

Our governors support the schools within Greenfields Federation by:

  • contributing to developing and monitoring the strategic development plan for the federation.
  • determining the vision, ethos, aims, priorities and policies of the federation, together with the headteacher and other senior leaders.
  • ensuring all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • using relevant data, feedback from leaders and external sources and the outcomes from self-evaluation to inform school priorities.
  • overseeing the staffing structure and schools’ budgets, including additional funding, to ensure value for money and that staff have the resources, training and support they need to do their jobs well.
  • when required, serving on a panel, e.g. appointing the headteacher and other senior leaders, headteacher appraisal, pay recommendations, complaints, grievances and exclusions.
  • ensuring appropriate procedures and policies are in place to safeguard pupils.
  • setting expectations for high levels of attendance and good and consistent standards of pupil behaviour across the federation.
  • ensuring the health and safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff.
  • listening and reporting to the schools’ stakeholders.

Who can be a school governor?

All governors are volunteers. You don’t have to be an education expert, but effective governors have the skills to challenge and support senior leaders and time to carry out their role, including preparing for and attending meetings and participating in visits to get to know the schools and monitor progress against school improvement priorities. To assist in their role, governors are expected to undertake face to face/online training provided by the local authority and other partnerships. The role does not stop at governing the schools; governors are an active part of the school community and regularly attend assemblies and performances, support school PTA events and help at parents’ evenings.  For more information on what the role involves and skills needed to be a governor, please see the GFGB Governor Job Description and GFGB Code of Conduct available on the school website. If you would like to express an interest in becoming a governor, please contact the clerk, Heather Deacon, c/o Littlehaven School office.


Our Governing Body consists of 14 members and operates with one committee.

Full name of Governor Governor Category Date of current Appointment or Election Source of Appointment (where appropriate) Term
Roles within GB
Attendance at full GB Meetings
(Sep 2020 to Aug 2021)
Committee membership Attendance at committee meetings
(Sep 2020 to Aug 2021)
Declarations on register of business & pecuniary interest Remarks
03/01/17   Continuous 4/6 Resources Committee 3/3 Nil  
Kathryn Saunderson Staff 16/11/18 Nominated by staff 4 years 6/6     Nil  
Authority   Nominated by West Sussex LA 4 years
Chair of Govs until Sep 2022
6/6 Resources Committee 3/3 Nil




Parent 02/05/18 Elected by Littlehaven parents 4 years 3/6   Not on committee but attended 1/3 Nil  
Katherine Hayles Co-opted 24/06/19 Appointed by Governing Body – no parent nominations 4 years
Vice-chair of Govs until Sep 2023
5/6   3/3 Nil Resigned wef Feb 2022
Co-opted 23/07/20   4 years 5/6     Nil  
Dave Cornfield Co-opted 23/09/18   4 years 5/6 Resources Committee 3/3 Wife worked in Northolmes office until May 2021 Resigned wef July 2021
Co-opted 28/06/19   4 years
Chair of Resources Committee to Sep 2022
5/6 Resources Committee 3/3 Nil  
Co-opted 05/03/22   4 years 4/6 Resources Committee   Nil  
Co-opted 25/09/18   4 years 4/6     Nil  
Julie Messenger



23/09/18   4 years 6/6     Teacher at Littlehaven  
Co-opted 24/08/20   4 years 4/6   Not on committee but attended 1/3 Nil  
Vacancy Staff (Headteacher) This post has to be kept vacant because of the federation and there currently being only one headteacher.
Full name of Associate Member Committee Membership Voting rights Yes/No Date of Appointment Term of Office/Role on committee

Attendance at committee meetings

(Sep 2020 to Aug 2021)

Attendance at full GB meetings (Sep 2020 to Aug 2021)* Declarations on register of business & pecuniary interest Remarks
Yes, at committee level 11/06/19 4 years 0/0 0/0 Northolmes Premises Officer Resigned wef Sept 2020
Lyndsay Woodland Resources
Yes, at committee level 17/01/19 4 years 0/1 0/1 Assistant Head/Inclusion On maternity leave from Nov 2020

* Associate members are not required to attend FGB meetings




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