Vision and Values

Our Federation Vision

Growing Together, Aiming High

Our vision at Greenfields Federation is that we will work together as a community to ensure all pupils achieve their best and everyone feels valued and respected. We will prioritise the well-being of our children and have high expectations for behaviour. We will create an inspiring and motivating learning environment where all children can deepen their knowledge, acquire new skills and develop as well-rounded, happy, confident individuals.

Our Core Values

How staff and parents work together at Northolmes to promote and teach the children our core values.

  1. Respect
    • Children show respect by: respecting differences, being polite, listening to others and caring about people’s feelings
    • Parents model respect by: discussing how words can hurt others, showing they value other people’s differences and by following rules.
    • Teachers teach respect by: discussing differences, feelings and emotions; modelling behaviours and how to follow rules.
  2. Independence
    • Children show independence by managing their own dressing and by starting to organise themselves.
    • Parents model independence by encouraging their child to dress themselves. They also teach them to use a knife and fork at home.
    • Teachers encourage independent learning, eg: children changing their own books, opening snacks, dressing, having a go at something new.
  3. Perseverance
    • Children show perseverance by asking when they need help. They also learn to help themselves.
    • Parents model perseverance by encouraging a ‘don’t give up’ attitude.
    • Teachers teach perseverance by encouraging children to keep trying and by celebrating when they do.
  4. Reflection
    • Children show reflection by saying what they have learnt and what they want to get better at.
    • Parents model reflection by being aware of their child’s targets and talking about how they can make improvements.
    • Teachers teach reflection by discussing children’s learning with them (what they have done well and what their next steps are).
  5. Working together
    • Children show they can ‘work together’ by listening, sharing and joining in.
    • Parents model ‘working together’ by collaborating with their children; listening and sharing experiences with them.
    • Teachers teach ‘working together’ by giving children opportunities to work co-operatively with others.


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